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You have reached the home page of the Bethany Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responder Services Station 28 in Albemarle, NC. We hope you find your visit with us to be both informative and enjoyable.

Michael Melton

  I am extremely proud and honored to be representing Bethany Volunteer Fire Department as their Fire Chief. I was born and raised in this community and have a lot of vested interest in making sure that the fire department can do the best that we can for this community. I am equally proud and honored to be working with the best men and women in the fire service today. We do more than your typical fire department we handle the emergencies that most fire departments do, with the addition of emergency medical assistance to our citizens in the community. I am proud of the accomplishments that our fire fighters have made over the years. If not for the professionalism and dedication from the volunteers of the fire department to the community, we would not have been able to grow to where we are today. This web page is in dedication to those who serve this great community.

Fire Chief Michael Melton

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