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Professional Fire Fighters Providing Volunteer Services Since 1956


Bethany Fire Department is a volunteer agency that is responsible for fire protection and emergency medical response in the Bethany Fire District in Stanly County, North Carolina.

As a volunteer department, we rely on our dedicated members to give their time and energy in service to the community. All members carry a pager to alert them to emergency calls.

First responders are certified to the level of Emergency Medical Responder and all structural fire fighters are certified to at least the NFPA-1403 standard. Many of our members work or volunteer with other public safety agencies.

Fire Service:

The Bethany Fire Department exists to protect lives, property and the environment through the enforcement of fire codes, comprehensive fire safety education programs, the investigation of incidents of arson, and rapid, effective responses to fires, rescue incidents, hazardous material leaks and natural disasters.

First Responders Service:

The Bethany Fire Department First Responders Service exists to save lives through comprehensive rescue, safety and medical education programs, and rapid, effective responses to fires, rescue incidents, personal illness, hazardous material leaks and natural disasters.

Mission Statement:

To enhance and protect public safety and the quality of life of all citizens by managing the potential threat and outcome of fire, rescue, medical, and environmental emergencies through the effective provision of education, prevention, emergency response services, and disaster preparedness.


The Fire Department Board Of Directors is responsible for the management of information, policy development, planning, budget administration and support of the Fire Chief in directing and managing the Department.


Fire prevention is fire code enforcement, inspections and for taking legal action when necessary to correct violations. Fires that occur are investigated and pursues arson cases through the criminal justice system.

Personnel And Training:

Training of fire fighters and officers, the fire department trains new fire fighters in basic fire fighting skills and provides advanced instruction to fire fighters and officers in technical and supervisory areas. It also coordinates training that is conducted by company officers at other fire stations and our local college.


The fire department issues protective equipment to fire fighters. It maintains and repairs self-contained breathing apparatus and fire fighting equipment, and provides inspections and regular testing is performed on fire hydrants.




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